today national record center website issued two notices, one is using photo background illustration, the other is a photo background original map, it seems the record has a new action, it seems to record true picture, I would like to point on the latest record of personal views.

one. The record number is cancelled without reason

I have a domain name, the original is the people dropped meters, the first two days of space business contacts I said, your record number dropped, and I still don’t believe, go to see, really is lost. Before I remember very clearly, and com together with the record number, because they used to be the same company’s domain name, the record number is the same. This time I saw, just to my rice to clear, people still use the original record number. From this point of view, it is easy to see, the record center in the beginning of a large number of clean up the record meters, the record number. These two days have the webmaster, may as well pay more attention to their own meters for the record.

two. Announcement issued, implementation is not far,

registration center announcement, although there is no clear description of what time began to realize, but from this picture we see not hard, it seems in some places to start the implementation, if the website to record pictures, we must prepare in advance. Perhaps you have to ask my, or domestic rice, you have to go to shoot it, and now this is not good, when we look at it.

three. Space with foreign

space agency also began selling foreign space, we can put the site transferred abroad to go ahead, otherwise when the domestic record began to realize, may also have to start foreign space price. My station, has been using foreign space long ago, and that is also cheap, speed is still ok. When it comes to, it is also difficult to find space, and not better to allow search engines to accept.

four. Domain names are also transferred abroad

, if you use the international meter, you quickly move abroad, transfer rice at least a few days better, do not wait for the record when you take pictures of the transfer, and then you may also have to hold rice. With the domestic meters there is nothing, just stay put, can let go, put a place, can’t let go to 301, if we want to do 301 it is best to do now, because the 301 Baidu for at least a month or more to transfer the weight of the past. Do not give up what is not willing to, can not afford to do a new station.

five. Other matters,

may you have doubt, if I put rice transferred abroad, with foreign space, is not to be safe, this is now not a good thing, as some way, people many things, when to engage in a white list, you put in foreign M at home is not the same over. So say >