Abstract: in 2014,

Fab.com had to face the crisis, the rapid expansion of parties to bring the cost of crisis, flash purchase mode and the supply chain is not perfect, the loss of the crisis – crisis and had to start the second transition, but this is not the boat off the head of Fab, is not so easy.


Beijing time on March 4th morning news, in order to help start-up companies design and manufacture of hardware products for the main business of PCH International (hereinafter referred to as "PCH") announced that the company has acquired flash sales site Fab.com.

, this finally for Fab.com sometimes spread to the legend of a full stop.

PCH International, CEO Liam · Casey (Liam Casey) declined to comment on the acquisition price. However, according to Re/code earlier reports, from the recent round of financing PCH company view, it will be $7 million in cash and worth about $8 million stake in the acquisition of Fab. Fab said that as part of the acquisition, the company’s current 35 employees will join the PCH.

Casey said in an interview, PCH help start-ups development of hardware products, while Fab.com will become one of these hardware products, sales channels, PCH will launch some exclusive customized version of the product through the Fab.com platform.

Fab.com co-founder and CEO Jason · High German Berg (Jason Goldberg) will not join PCH. He will be fully committed to customized furniture electricity supplier brand Hem work, there have been more than 100 Fab employees to follow the High German Berg, joined Hem. In addition, Berg, along with de noble, left Fab.com, as well as hundreds of millions of investment funds from investors and agreements they signed.

, this is a $1 billion myth.

Fab.com was founded in 2011, the amount of financing more than 300 million U.S. dollars, but in the end due to marketing expenses increased out of control, and the product catalog is too large, the initial product design aesthetic dies and other reasons to go downhill. In 2013, investors valued the company at nearly $1 billion. At that time, Tencent had joined its investor team.

tiger sniffing station has a number of articles to analyze the rise and decline of over Fab.com, was officially acquired on the occasion of Fab, this paper do a biography of Fab.com, to commemorate.

predecessor: gay social wealth, suffering from traffic bottleneck

Fabulis.com launched in January 2010, April officially launched, founder Jay.