I love every evening after dinner to see ADMIN5, where can I find the feeling of deja vu. See not only the text, behind every piece of text is hiding a different kind of life to a webmaster, whether it is bitter or sweet, love every day to come here only for no other codeword. Because I am a webmaster, a no money webmaster, a walk out from the ADMIN5 station, although I still did not get what, but I believe he was not lonely because in the way of this Wangzhuan I will find my "companion" do it, do Wangzhuan well, this is just a process, is never an end point, at least in the definition of my life is like this.

don’t expect others to teach you what, especially now we, the network may everyday miracles happen, but please believe that these so-called "miracle" will not happen to you, behind every "miracle" has some accidental inevitable. For the webmaster familiar with silent SEO wangzhuan. Because the SEO can make your website traffic in a short period of time beyond similar, occupy the first ranking in the search, which is to rely on search to bring you huge traffic, although the nature of SEO is not so simple, but understanding the surface and this is, I want to have a flow of every webmaster do the website is in statistics, see IP, not just look at every IP growth will meet at the same time, flow to the next goal, is money, money, how to make money, this topic may in each station are considered! Since every webmaster same purpose, it is how to achieve this purpose.

online everywhere SEO tutorial, even all the so-called SEO master, but you don’t want to ask him what he really is, even the so-called SEO master, he can put a tens of thousands of popular keywords do in just a few months, how do you think of him to ask for advice I think you, that is not a webmaster some optimization techniques have circulated on the Internet and are familiar with, is nothing more than a keyword can’t stack, original, update and so on… The… If the master is master you, then the Internet would not have so many so many Wangzhuan SEO training, training. Everything depends on you. Even if you teach money, you don’t really reach the heights. I’m not preaching your people without that ability. There is a sentence that says, "the master leads the door, and the practice depends on the individual.".

remember one of my friends, she made a novel, because she doesn’t know the website, the website is to let a friend help stand up, some of the novels know every day is to update, or write some novels, there is a SEO expert in our circle. Do, a novel novel station, station two months will be able to reach twenty thousand or more, I have to admire the beauty, want to ask some of the so-called secret SEO but not the original.