One of the most obvious features of the rapid development of

is the influx of more and more entrepreneurs. China’s Internet development from a certain point of view, showing a threshold requirement is getting lower and lower characteristics, and this is the Internet business is now so popular with the main reason. The popularity of the Internet and computer hardware has enabled more people to access the internet. A variety of site building procedures, the emergence of online shop procedures, so that network start-ups are no longer technically difficult. And more importantly, has been, the domestic Internet is a policy and regulations more relaxed, relatively more conducive to grass-roots community entrepreneurship environment. Especially the policy of loose, to grassroots webmaster, a free enterprise opportunities. The grassroots webmaster can develop, and now about 1500000 of the population, about 3000000 of the personal website, has become the main source of strength and Internet technology innovation, but also represents a kind of vulnerable groups in the spirit of unremitting self-improvement hard pioneer.

but relatively loose, free policy has advantages and disadvantages to the environment. Some personal websites play a big edge ball, or even desperate, using false record information and incomplete domain name registration information, do some pornographic and illegal information on the website for personal gain. Plus music, film, literature, games and other website copyright issues involved, a series of social contradictions with the Internet website for a long time, arrived at the uncontrollable edge means conflict will erupt like a volcano like. Relevant departments of the state are also aware of these problems in the Internet. Since the end of last year, a series of network campaigns have been launched. Suddenly, such as spring night, thousands of pear trees. Although it is mid March, but the two descriptions of Tang Dynasty poet Censen spring is not so famous for the webmaster situation. After some time ago network remediation, personal Adsense situation worrying. Now is already early spring, but will soon face the question of filing again again in front of the webmaster, become a step not past hom.

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news last week, around tongguanju is beginning to perform record verification stage work, specifically for the verification of the authenticity and validity of data record. According to informed webmaster revealed that, because the information is untrue, there are many websites have been canceled for the record number, followed by the server suffered a broken network. Before, because of the contradiction between policy easing and filing difficult, some of the owners on behalf of the record, false filing and other sites for the record, unable to verify the website for the record information. Today, the relevant departments and make great efforts to improve the domain name and record information, will launch a new round of record information authenticity on-site inspection work, before the rumors to the website IDC’s live camera filing is likely soon. According to the filing regulations (Trial) regulations of third sixth points: to record information authenticity verification to work before the official launch of access to the site, the access service units to develop the record information authenticity verification work detailed plan before the end of February 2010, reported to the license issuing authority where the unit is registered and the communications authority, record information authenticity check and complete the whole website before the end of September 2010. For >