with the rapid development of the Internet, the mall class website (B2C) has become a craze, then from the mall class website marketing considerations, how to break through the tight encirclement, achieve rankings? Foshan SEO shallow sharing:

How about the

one and the offline of the mall class

?The quality of the products,

1 line: from a long-term perspective whether the entity marketing or network marketing, product quality is the core problem, so does your line of product quality to ensure the high quality? Only high quality products to win the favor of customers, even seasonal items, the stage of goods to ensure the quality, from the Chinese perspective, Chinese has always been a plain country, who will not buy things not bad throw away. So, no matter what the nature of your product, as long as the use of the period, you should ensure product quality.

2, customer service service: service has started selling in packaged form, now the majority of businesses of both online and offline services have been packaged for sale, so you can give B2C shopping mall customer service is what? Can guarantee the sales and service integration? Service is our long-term survival, so to solve the quality of products and service is more important.

3, perfect operation mechanism: a lot of B2C shopping mall you may business products, but to achieve sales and service integration, perfect operation mechanism is essential, if we do the work timely delivery, to ensure high efficiency.

two, the mall class website online marketing?

1, seize the main commodity marketing: This is the most distinguish between primary and secondary businesses to grasp the principle, starting from the main aspects, by the publicity minor, be clear in order to have the opportunity to break ranks, to ensure a stable flow. Network marketing is mainly from the entity marketing transformation, the network is only a medium. If you are to do, so we should seize the lady’s crowd, for the crowd marketing, such as your main population trend installed so we should seize the 80, according to the people marketing, can be said after the crowd all understand the Internet, especially on the buckle, blog, then you can use this starting from the media, buckle, buckle, space, mail software, and information are the focus we need to catch the. In the realization of women’s marketing at the same time, then men’s clothing here "lovers installed" in the form of injection can be easily achieved.

2, seize the most efficient resources: from the cyber source here, customers want to achieve marketing will see you under the big money, if the money you can achieve media marketing, outsourcing to specialized marketing team to achieve marketing results using their resources, if your investment is small, then you need to collect resources, integration of resources, the effective resources of all the collected. For example, you are a local web site, then you should first seize the resources of the local category, but also seize the mainstream resources, such as e-commerce, the Internet, IT resources;