links for a large part of the webmaster is still a problem, because I do not know where to change, not to mention how to change. Good links to shorten the site keywords ranking earlier time, let the need for three months in the name of keywords in more than a month’s time to do home page. Here are four points to note:

1, the appropriate choice of relevant platform

so-called appropriate hanging related platform, refers to the industry to choose the relevant platform. (1) if our industry belongs to the niche industry such as harvesters, generators, cutting machine, so when we choose the Links is not should choose harvesters, generators and cutting machine? Of course not, in fact, we can choose good machinery. Even in general enterprises looking for links, looking for business stations is no problem, not to say that the correlation is high, you can give a higher weight of the site. (2) if it is a big industry, such as wedding photography, agriculture, decoration, education, such industry in the industry there are many sites, so when looking for links, it is best to find relevant industry. Because you can bring some traffic to your site, but the enterprise station is different, a business station may be more than 100 IP a day, basically can not bring traffic. (2) if it is contained in the area websites and keywords area keywords, such as Changsha wedding photography, West Lake tourism, Hangzhou plastic surgery hospital, we can try to exchange Links with some local portal site, because only the local forum portal or more can prove that you belong to the local site. However, when exchanging links, you don’t have to use too many, and 2-4 will do. For example, Hangzhou plastic hospital can exchange links with the nineteen floor of Hangzhou, or with a local Hangzhou portal link.

2, pay attention to the content and structure of each other’s website

a web site content and structure is good, directly related to the web site keywords ranking is up, good structure and content is conducive to optimization, and in the later period is large-scale revision of the probability of households is smaller. If most of the content is copied, or there is no value-added content, it is easy to be dropped by search engines, or lead to K, it is very difficult to optimize such websites. We look for friendship links, not to see how good his weight, how many new snapshots, these are not important, the important thing is whether the site is doing it, we need to grow with this website.

3, whether the site has been K over

If the

site by K before so it is difficult to do rankings, especially the site was K before and K after modification of the small site, content is still very bad, a large probability that this site again is down right or be K. How to see whether the site is K, in the webmaster tools inside the domain name query included, if in a period of time included fluctuation is very big, or 0, so that may be K. There is also a view that if the site’s PR is not low, such as 2, 3, 4, 5, but the br value is 0, all >