provides information by the Yuncheng Internet users according to the classification, any Internet users can according to their own needs, the query need housing rental and sale of second-hand trading, enterprise recruitment, personal job, dating, ask for help, flat-share, promotional discounts, Qiuzu supply information, purchase information, such as information and entrepreneurship information etc.. Local classification information websites have become a simple form of local portal. A lot of classified information website on the Internet to see is very complicated, messy, user information query information process is complex and confused. Leaving a very bad user experience, so I thought about doing a simple and convenient classification information website.

accidentally saw on the Internet website of information of a city, feel the query information from the information release to have a very user-friendly, simple, so I spent the day imitation into a Yuncheng information network, second days to publish original classification information, 100 every day, three days, fourth the day began to submit to each big search engine login. And the production of Google, Yahoo, Baidu, sitemap, ZOL, Tom, Sina and other forums related to the release of promotional information, in Baidu space, NetEase blog, and dispatch blog also released promotional information. Posted in Yuncheng post station information. 24 hours later, Google officially included home page, two days after the collection of 5, to today, a total of 224, ten days later, Baidu officially included the home page. Eleventh days, twelve days, thirteen days, fourteen days, Baidu continued to update the home page date, fifteenth days, Baidu began to include other pages, to date, a total of 53.

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expanded the amount of information network in Yuncheng and visibility, I intend to buy the first local influential portal advertising on the website (and exchange links); second: propaganda Yuncheng information network in Yuncheng and thirteen counties Post Bar; third: the influence on the local forum publicity information; fourth in QQ group Yuncheng, publicity information; fifth: the line and the local Internet cafe cooperation, home page set to Yuncheng information network. Print small website business cards for offline publicity.

information net profit model is very simple: the advertisement inside and recommend a fixed fixed information, information by 5 yuan / week for a fee, the monthly income of 13 columns of *10 fixed *5 yuan / *4 weeks =2600 yuan, the station advertising by 400 yuan / month, easily reach a monthly income of 3000 yuan.

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