, a Chinese in North America, is no stranger to the literary city (http://s.wenxuecity.com/). This has nothing to do with literature community websites, after twelve years of ups and downs, has become a number of Chinese every day on the Chinese Web site.


from the University of Michigan, students founded online Chinese reading website, now has fixed readership of millions of Chinese community website, covering North America, Europe, Australia and Asia Chinese literature gathering, the city along the way, the rough and sweet taste, only CEO Lin wen.

was born in Fujian Fuzhou, was born and raised in Taiwan, Lin Wenyi 984 years to the United States to attend marketing. In the late 90s of the last century, the Internet was in full swing all over the world. In California, a bank engaged in the investment industry Lin Wen, all day dealings with customers from Silicon Valley electronics company. The Internet boom left Lin no longer able to stay in the office. "If I don’t catch this bus again, I’ll probably miss it forever."."

first surfing in the sea, just feel the Internet’s new and interesting, Lin was choked with breath. The first company he invested in reading Chinese books on the Internet did not have time to develop and disappeared as the Internet bubble burst. "But I’ve seen the broad prospects of the Internet since then.". My dream is to set up a Chinese community website and never turn back."


000 years, Lin Wen bought literature set up offices in San Francisco City, Southeast of Fremont, full of confidence to create his ideal boat, the following year he suffered the Internet bubble. "How many online media crashed," Lin Wen recalls. We continue to burn money, and I’m sure it will win. My belief is to make literary city a spiritual home for overseas chinese."

, "the literary city of that time, has become attractive in North America, and the two major selling points are news and adult content."". Lin, who studies marketing, says that understanding the consumer’s psychology and needs is his way to success. Literary city to his hands, comprehensive reform, and resolutely delete the eye-catching adult content, the literary city to users design and management. The open channel, as the moderator, because the content is closely linked with the Chinese American life, quickly from the original single online reading news and later developed into more than 60 channels, covering politics, interest, investment, culture and sports etc.. Subsequently, the blog opened, users express their feelings to the keyboard, beautiful everywhere. The netizens of literary city find their own fun here.

from two, 00, three years, the literary City enjoyed the rapid development of the Internet fruitful results, advertising steady stream, more and more popular, literary city brand is also increasing.

began last year’s American financial turmoil, once again the literary city felt the cold wind. Advertising revenue has declined overall, and the company has entered a period of weakness from its high growth period. The original advertising revenue grew twenty percent to thirty last year, less than five percent last year.