a lot of people like to make picture links, think picture links are good, can bring traffic, but otherwise. The very few traffic that the photo link brings is negligible. Well, I’ll tell you that text links are important. If it’s a common site, I suggest using text links. Why do you say that? Let me tell you.

We all know that Baidu

, Google, the search spider is how to crawl your site? How is included in your web page? Your website PR value is how high? Tell you is through text links.

of course, included in the web can also submit your web site to search, waiting to collect. But this is the slowest and most stupid way. And even if included is also a very few pages. It doesn’t make any real use.

If it is

and NetEase, Sohu, such as Sina heavy traffic sites as a link, then I can tell you not hesitate, immediately on the LOGO link, because these sites of the flow rate, the advantages of LOGO, can give your site to bring considerable traffic. Of course, like these stations are impossible to link to your web site, I just make an analogy. Links to large traffic stations can use picture links.

if it is an unknown website, that is, the site’s traffic is not very high web site. I encourage people to use text links. But look at the weight of his site and whether PR is too low. If you don’t have PR and weight and low on your site, there’s no need to consider that.

links can make spiders easier to crawl to your web site. This is easy to understand, for example. If most of your sites are pictures connected, then you can only slowly wait for the search, specifically send a spider to your website to include this road. Optimistic about, it is specially sent a spider to your station included, and included in the situation is not optimistic, almost nothing.


link, then search out spider crawling to your site when the link included pages, through your link to crawl to your site included above, and will not repeat the same page included. If you have more links, then you’ll see a lot of spiders crawling onto your website. Many webmaster may have such experience, the website has many inexplicable tourists. The more text links do, the more spiders you have, and the more you include. Spiders love words, links, and more websites. Because there is no need to send a special spider to complete the task, and dedicated to include the spider, the workload is also large, the time has arrived, did not include how much to go back. So many webmaster complain, same open station, why included more than I?.

high quality websites are also good for your website. Link process, you can look at the PR value and weight. This is also important and well understood. For example, you have the chance to link to an PR8 website, so I tell you that you are rich. PR8>