guess 2009, where are the independent SNS sites going?

, the middle of the 2009, is the most difficult period for China’s economy, and the already unstable independent SNS web site will face more challenges, so the independent SNS website 2009 does need an effective way to get through 2009. Why is the mid 2009 very difficult period? 2009 China National Bureau of statistics released in October 20th data show that the first three quarters of GDP grew by 9.9%, down 2.3 percentage points over the same period last year. As a result, the GDP growth rate in the three quarter was only 9%. As a result, many expressed concern about the four quarter of the Chinese economy and the trend in 2009. In fact, the economic downturn has been pretty tight. The main problem is the decline in exports and investment contribution (so the country has increased infrastructure construction, rural construction, increasing social welfare, etc.), in which the contribution of exports has dropped by 0.9 points. It now appears that the economic downturn is under way, it is difficult to determine when bottoming out, because the future of China’s economy has a hard landing risk. Once it happens, the bottom can be a long time. But there will be a lag period from the financial turmoil to a sharp decline in global aggregate demand, so it will be a difficult time in the middle of next year)

Confusion and 2009 conjectures of advertising profit model in


2008SNS website advertising performance is not satisfactory. In 2008 the SNS website is no longer so crazy about 2007, the number of users of Facebook, MySpace and other social networking sites in 2008 the growth rate has slowed sharply, and the site of the advertising revenue capacity is much lower than expected, and the behavior of SNS (BT Behavior Targeting) directional advertising is even Facebook users boycott.

in December 5, 2008, some foreign research institutions even analyzed SNS website is not suitable for advertising profit model. The research shows that IDC data, SNS users only 57% of American users of SNS website advertising in 2008 on the digital was significantly lower than that of the overall Internet users click on the ads (the overall U.S. netizens have 79% click advertising network).

2009 guess how independent SNS sites put online ads? And even I guess SNS is not Media. Advertising media demand is the most basic advertising inventory, and inventory can be controlled, and we think that the SNS website is the highlight of reputation, and the virus produced by word-of-mouth marketing, but the reputation is controlled by each netizen, if the SNS’s reputation as an advertising resources, it is certainly a problem. And word of mouth is the premise of this product recognition, if your product is not good, or users have negative evaluation, then, where comes word of mouth marketing?


if you advertise, then implantable ads can be >