wants you to succeed through Google Adwords monthly revenue of 2 perfect yuan, written Google Adwords advertising is critical. The writing of Google Adwords advertising words can determine whether you will succeed or fail in the end. Although every product and every market is different, I still find some rules and formulas. When I write Google Adwords advertising words, I usually apply these laws.

, Title, and, Line, 2:, repeat search keywords, before starting sales, introduce starting the pre-sell

Line 3: convince clients that you can be trusted, professional, authoritative, and buy products with extra prizes

Display URL: displays the relevant url.

in order to help you understand, let’s look at an example. This example is the sale of shoes Shoe. This ad is for customer search "running shoes" written.

below is an example of Google Adwords advertising writing:


is this Google Adwords ad very simple? But it has applied the above rules. Let’s analyze it together.

in Google Adwords advertising repeated 2 search keywords, to attract the attention of users, improve Google Adwords quality score, bold keywords, improve the click rate of CTR.

saves money. Everyone wants to spend the least money, buy the most valuable products, that is, value for money. So in 2 places of Google Adwords advertising, telling customers to click ads saves money. In the first line, there is a word "discount"; in the second line there is a "On sale".

urgency. The word "now" in the second line evokes the urgency of the customer’s senses.

numbers and percentages. When you are reading a page quickly, your attention usually stops on numbers. In the third line, we attract the attention of the user through "100%", and increase the click rate of CTR.

rest assured and commodity selling point. In the third line, we provide Buyer customers with a strong guarantee, so that customers can trust to buy, and tell customers that we will not receive mailing fees Free Shipping.

word free., if your promotional products have free service, please be sure to show it on your Google Adwords ad. People always enjoy getting cheap