a week ago, a beautiful woman asked me, "how can I deal with some malicious attacks on blogs and forums? Maybe her client unit has suffered some criticism online.".

actually, it’s a topic of crisis PR about forums and blogs. The Internet is a land of freedom, and has a completely different nature from the traditional media, so there is a big difference between the ways of crisis public relations on forums, blogs and traditional media.

I don’t have any experience dealing with this kind of incident, so I spread the question through a lot of friends through MSN. Soon received a lot of replies, but after summing up, basically two answers: 1 is no way, and 2 is to find the website editor deleted.

personally, I think it’s not a good idea to find websites to delete posts that are rude and violent. Generally speaking, unless this post contains yellow violence ingredients or politically sensitive topics, or web forums are less willing to against the world, help you delete the. The forum can get prosperous popularity is netizens constantly burst Mengliao, some incited by the moderator is love for those "controversial" topic "red" and "add" "top" recommended you to delete it, not to stimulate public? Is the personal blog delete the site, blog is a violation of the rights of bloggers. So, the website is general also won’t help you delete a post commonly.

moreover, the online popularity forum and blog are not as many as one or two. After a forum is deleted, you can send it to another blog. You can’t hit all the websites at last.

, after telling your friends about the solution (actually that one), I also put forward a suggestion, that is: "do not hesitate to do so, do not re plug.". Every thing has its versatility, how to say see you sitting on the other side, for those malicious attacks in, you can also answer to its problems, and on the other hand to illustrate his point of view.

some people make impertinent remarks in the blogs and forums, malicious attacks, we can call some blog writers to refute this even at the same time, from another angle to explain some facts, move, reason, change the orientation of public opinion.

ha ha, it is estimated that the beauty also think I speak big truth, too academic, and seemingly difficult to operate, so later did not mention.

these two days, Yi Zhongtian buy a house incident and Yuan Longping buy a car incident on the Internet hot debate, positive and negative factions fight saliva battle, good lively.

Internet is like the sea, can carry a boat can capsize, the "tiger" events, forums and blogs play a supervisory role, public good good and evil, but to the "Wang Shi donation door" event into the violence of public opinion choufu.

the number of Internet users in China is going to be the first in the world, but >