with the four major domestic portal (Sina, NetEase, Sohu, Tencent) continued monopoly status, industry vertical portal is increasingly popular, such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like emerge, every industry station has a leader, including single-handed personal station. And in the absence of sufficient funds supply, how to get high flow, the test of every grassroots webmaster intelligence. We take the building materials industry, this is a very profitable site direction, and its profits are very objective. Then, the author will share some of his own experiences in the operation of building materials network.

one, about strategic positioning,

with the development of the real estate industry, building materials industry has been driven, with the example of Putian, Putian is a typical three line city, a registered building materials company reached more than 100, of course there are many "guerrilla" mode. Thus, the competition in the industry is very fierce. The demand for building materials orders is very strong. At the same time, we also found that building materials company is also increasing to the network promotion, to start Baidu promotion, Baidu PPC search, such as Putian building materials company, you will find the top ten is for the building materials company. Network promotion has gradually become an important channel for building materials companies to obtain orders from sources. However, the exclusive network marketing platform of local building materials industry is not much, a lot of city and even this piece is blank, as a local station, we can grasp this opportunity, on the basis of analysis and practical, we can put the platform positioning in service building materials company as the core, the integration of building materials industry chain gradually.

two, about profit model

first of all, we need to understand a concept, profit model is not equal to charging model, my profit model has an objective: to make money for building materials companies, first of all to make building materials companies earn money. Based on this model, I put the profit model as independent registered membership materials tender, first in the name of free for all building materials company settled into our platform, building materials company, tasted the sweetness of nature will be upgraded to VIP customer service. Building materials company profits generally around 15%-30%, as our site as long as the extraction part of the proceeds from successful transactions, a year can earn more than one hundred thousand, the profit of a large site is not what, but for a small local station can do this income, has been much stronger than work. At the same time, we can also publish relevant ads on the site to earn advertising fees.

three, about online promotion

in order to have building materials business to platform bidding, first of all to promote, online promotion is the most basic and the most important part. One is to improve the site weight, I do not say this, I want to emphasize is that the key to the promotion of culture, is to promote local users looking for information online building habits, you can write online to find the benefits and advantages of building materials and so on, the online merchants gradually guide the bidding. Two is to do more online activities, such as in my <