years ago, I was an ordinary webmaster, a few small stations, hundreds of dollars per month advertising costs. I admit, and can only say that I am a grassroots webmaster. But, we still have a glorious moment, that’s just the past. Many years later, I set up the network, focusing on Web infrastructure services and network marketing. I think this is not a simple change, but represents a legendary beginning.


network is a studio, I spent a lot of time in company. Today, the studio’s website was finally released, and my friends gave me a lot of encouragement. I am very pleased. In August this year began to practice, in a network company for two months of network engineering, in a Baidu agent sold Baidu, but all the way down, always is not the best state. Busy, the happiest thing in the day is probably a snack bar after work to eat a bowl of hot noodles. I suddenly felt that such a life is not without the pursuit of it, that is not what I want life. Happened to be sick, and find an excuse for yourself, resign, go home and rest for some time.

but I find out that I’m a restless person after all. I prefer a busy life, provided I know why I’m busy. The day of rest at home is not boring, every day on the Internet to see some of their subscriptions to the blog, the day broke, and dark, and the day passed quickly. My father very early every day from the unit back, perhaps I am too thin, I’m afraid I’m hungry father.

I suddenly enjoy this kind of life, the winter in the north is really cold, and in the warm home, accompanied by my father, it is really warm. But in the invisible, I can feel the anxiety in my father’s heart. After all, it’s not a problem for a guy in his early twenty to stay at home. He has to get a job. My father suggested that I should take the civil service. I should say, "nothing’s going on.".

suddenly received a call from a big dog one day and said a client wanted to make a website and asked me if I could answer it. I thought for a moment and said, of course, I can’t finish it in a few days. I have nothing to do at home. In this way, I suddenly thought, can I open a studio myself, do a special website?. We do technology in the network company, a month earn a fixed salary, but if we start to do so, no matter how much money is our own, at the same time, we are working for yourself, Why not?.

in fact, the confidence and the main reason is in my own mind, I is a special case, the majority of people contact the initial interest is computer games, and I, when I contact with computer is a variety of small software, 02 years 04 years began to contact the computer, with the website, 06 years at the beginning of the laggards BBS mix, the University for 07 years after the beginning of his spare time to do some web sites to earn a living for others and their own website. At the same time, I worked for 20 days in a website studio, and later sold in a large network company, which is the capital and wealth of my business. >