service network company refers to do website, do promotion, do network planning company.

the industry entry threshold is low, like a small advertising company, small barber shop, will do two have come in. So there are studios, personal designers, small companies. A few days ago and colleagues chat, said in Nanjing industrial and Commercial Bureau found 3500 network company registration. The numbers are scary.

is a network company also saw the vicious competition extremely brutal, littered with corpses……

talks about the future today and talks about the future.

, first look at advertising companies, advertising companies, I know top companies like Ogilvy and mather like agencies. I recently read Ye Maozhong’s book and got to know something about them. Online other people wrote a blog: Ye Maozhong’s customers are to come to their own, Ye Maozhong pick customers, rather than customers pick Ye Maozhong, Ye Maozhong less than 500 thousand of the production costs of the project is not connected.

why can they do this? Quality and brand?. Ye Maozhong this guy do case to help customers increase sales 10 times, you say that customers don’t flatter him with whom; and a good brand awareness. Let the enterprise want high-quality planning and service, just think of looking for.

above example, want to say is that the network services industry market space is huge, Chinese enterprises, tens of millions of websites are required, but also the need for outstanding effective network win service. This predictable class of time will not change. But this huge market but the lack of appeal of the brand, and even brand general company also difficult to find. Businesses, including big companies, do not know which companies to serve better when they need the service. Most of them are friends, Internet search, or passive marketing. Recently, the Jiangsu Bank (, the Bank of communications, Chery, is such a typical. Jiangsu bank online search us, say your website is still pretty good, with us to discuss cooperation, and now have signed up to do. The same is true of Chery. You can see, well-known companies, large enterprises also need high-end network marketing planning services, even if Lenovo, Haier, Bank of China such enterprises, they need professional network marketing planning services.

but who are the reliable, high quality web companies in the corporate mind? Are there in the minds of consumers? Their hearts are empty.

so seemingly bloody competition is actually a gap in the market, not a leader brand, leading brand of blank market.

enterprise marketing planning brand leaders have ye. Where is the leading brand in the field of enterprise network marketing planning?

therefore, to improve the internal strength and establish a leading brand in the field of enterprise network marketing planning, like Ye Maozhong, to select customers, which is the highest outlet for network marketing planning company.

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