How does

enterprise website improve customer conversion rate

here for CTS to discuss other website how to submit customer conversion rate, the same principle.

many companies of the general manager of the network department attaches great importance to traffic, it seems that network marketing is traffic, traffic, re flow. As you may know, many other details also greatly affect the total revenue of your website.

CTS website customer conversion rate is quite high, the specific number cannot reveal, but can tell you, at present did not do large-scale promotion of the situation, there are more than 1000 IP per day, annual sales in the tens of millions.

how to improve customer conversion rate, first of all from the following aspects of thinking.

1. what are your customers thinking about? What are they concerned about?

2., where do your customers come from to your site and why do they click on your website and your website meets their needs?

3. segments users according to the quotation, date of departure, different travel topics, sort, seize all sectors of the customer, to maximize their needs.

4. customer queries, whether it is convenient to puzzle answer questions, and save customers browsing and search time,


5. enterprise’s historical data and reputation can well establish the credibility of the enterprise, and reduce some unnecessary enterprise integrity information collection time. For example, a long history of CTS, honors, such as customer case list. Give the customer a sense of security.

6. do the sales goal. Many websites are doing very fine, the content is consumer desire and demand, but the sales goal is not good, no sales in the best time, a lot of friends left the page, second days they can’t find your site or have you forgotten the name of the enterprise.

above six steps, can perfect improve your enterprise website customer conversion rate, you say, right


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