due to Baidu in order to combat so-called those fake website, often through advanced algorithms for some pomegranates on the Internet website mark, such as some weight loss products website, because many web site name and image are basically the same, it is easy to let some consumers know the truth because of the so-called fake website and deceived, so Baidu uses authorization to enhance the credibility of the official website, to prevent users deceived has certain effect.

In addition to the

part of the weight loss products will be awarded the official website Baidu brand, in fact there are many common words website also tend to be awarded the Baidu official website, such as personnel website, such as the Guangzhou talent network, talent network, clothing and so on, these so-called talent network are the key words belonging to general, generally no enterprise can get the specific the registered brand, but in order to enhance the credibility of such website, Baidu and the security alliance will also tend to these websites re named the official website.

But Baidu

named the official website is not necessarily the authentic official website, like talent website is very versatile, website and non official website is to look at the business model, as well as attractive to users, so when some of the industry’s website by Baidu and its security alliance set up a website, such as the official website for common words, so the majority of the grassroots webmaster can through some strategies to restore Baidu this approach to his injury, which can be from the following several respects.

is the first to adhere to the operation of their own website, or take the talent for talent website website, the key is to look at the loyalty of users and enterprises, through the good services of the two objects, can make the site’s popularity continues to rise, this time even if Baidu did not authorize your website as the official website, so there is still no profit. Hinder the development of your future.

second Baidu official website of this form could not endure, after all, and his ranking will conflict, if the website up their influence to the same industry this auction, the money users apparently not very fair, so it’s obviously not for Baidu.

third should pay attention to its own brand, if you are ready to engage in a talent website, so in the website keywords to focus on some brand attributes, such as chinahr.com, Zhilian and so on, these words often have some independent personality, likely to be imitated is very low, would not exist due to Baidu’s official website impact to your site problem.

fourth should pay attention to the use of legal weapons. At present, some unscrupulous businesses or owners buy the so-called official website by spending money. This form is actually against the law against unfair competition. It’s a kind of damage to the fairness of the Internet, so when you find that some of the official website itself has a lot of deception, then you can pick up legal weapons to protect your rights.

fifth appeals to Baidu and its security alliance because the official website, on the other hand, is Baidu’s own exploit