here, talent website ranking refers to the natural ranking of search engines, not competitive rankings, for example, for Google, that is, the left ranking, not the right ranking.


search engine that a web site only to have the influence to a high ranking, but ensure that the ranking SEO search engine optimization of customer service said, as long as give me a word, no matter how your web site now, I can in three months time to make key words your ranking to the top 10 otherwise, return all the advance payment. But the ranking is in the hands of search engines, not SEO search engine optimization service in hand, search engines continue to adjust the algorithm to combat this manipulation ranking behavior. The search engine doesn’t care about the SEO search engine. Who does the search engine optimization, and the search engine punishes the website itself. There are many forms of punishment, the most severe is to remove the domain name from the search results, at least half a year will not be restored, so that all pages of the site in the search engine search results all disappeared.

manipulation ranking and the pursuit of ranking are two concepts. The impact of a talent industry website is slowly formed, and this is also a ranking process. The pursuit of ranking is not limited into the designated place within the specified time, so you can concentrate on expanding the influence of the site, the influence is big, natural ranking improved, and thus the obtained ranking is very stable. Manipulation ranking is radical approach, SEO search engine optimization service providers in ensuring the pressure of ranking contracts, it is necessary to take drastic approach. Why don’t you spend more time? That’s because of peer pressure. Others are three months, and some even promise a few days can go up, you want four months, is not your level,


general SEO search engine optimization services will take secondary radical approach in the first month, at the end of the month, if the ranking also did not go up, will rush into danger, the extreme measures, because if the site being punished, and do not go up to the same results, return all the advance payment; if you do. To get the money again.

customers can set in the contract, if the site being punished, not only to return all the advance payment, but also to compensate for the loss? Any SEO search engine optimization service providers can’t sign the contract, because their customers can also cheat code in the page with the website be punished, this is not SEO search engine optimization services can control, this contract does SEO search engine optimization services is not fair. To ensure the ranking of SEO search engine optimization services there is also an important reason, is their psychological is very clear, only to take radical approach, it can hold relatively large row up within three months; and as long as take radical approach, it is possible to make the site be punished.

believe Ethan words, the sky will not drop pie, search engines also expect PPC to make money?. The best advantage of PPC