do you admire hao123 have so much traffic, but you have not carefully thought, why would he have so much traffic? In fact, the reason is very simple, because hao123 do use the hao123 to set up, just a lot of netizens just contact network, on the network when they absolutely ignorant of. To find something on the Internet do not know how to find. Search engines may have problems with each other. At this point, hao123 appears, solving the difficulties that most new web users can’t find on the internet. In other words, as long as the Internet is easy to find things you want to stand, he will be loved by Internet users.

now, most Internet users have become accustomed to finding what they want on the internet. But there are many problems in the Baidu, Google to immediately find the corresponding answer, this time, Baidu know, Sina Yahoo knowledge, knowledge of the love of people turned out, so many users have found a can get the answer of the platform, this platform, more and more users can seize the heart, let he can think of something you like this platform, this platform will be more and more IP. And have you ever thought about it? Generally, they ask questions according to their own habits, and answer a lot of them. They also answer by their usual speaking habits. This creates an original article. If your question and answer station is IP, there are many people who come up and answer questions. You this station and the number of the original update that day? This station which search engines will not love? And they made the habit, but also a lot of people on the Internet search habits, so that the original click rate will be very high.

I also built a quiz website, is a specialized for a female friend to solve some of their problems in the quiz website, bright my station:, so, as long as the female users they do not understand, in the Baidu GG, you can’t find it as long as we stand on a ask questions, there will be many members to help them solve their problems, like this website if there is to ask people to their next question definitely priority questions on our website.

we don’t know, Baidu knows, YAHOO quiz, Sina love ask, how many IP will these channels have?. But you can from now on some mainstream CMS such as DEDE, easy SiteFactory, PHPCMS, and so on are increasing this quiz channels can guess that this is certainly the traffic volume is high, the webmaster need channel. So I think the next popular website is likely to be an online quiz website, so hurry up and do it. Don’t wait till everyone else is strong, it will be too late for you to imitate.