recently, the singing moves frequently. April 24th, sing the line style KTV entity sing Jimmy Chung in Chongqing nine Street opened new stores; "I am director" Hong Tao joined the singer sing chief art consultant, Vow headset, the original Jujing music network founder Chen Ge also joined the choir as chief content officer, responsible for the content of the construction of sing and sing IP Reds build.

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mobile karaoke sing was born in 2012, the business has been extended to the next line of KTV, microphone hardware, broadcast, and even attracted Wang Han, He Jiong, Sheenah’s star investment, sing these years in all make no reply to do what? The tiger sniffing interview to sing sing founder and CEO Chen Hua, Michael song co-founder Yan Qiupu, as we explore one or two.

mobile KTV industry is facing the situation of

Analysys think tank released in April this year, "China Mobile K market quarterly monitoring report 2015 fourth quarter" shows that the fourth quarter of 2015 China Mobile K application users the highest coverage of software, people sing karaoke, Teana K song, cool K song, love to sing, singing Master. The people sing and song ranked first echelon, and cool K Teana K song tied for second echelon.


according to App Annie data, and all the people sing k song iOS downloads ranking among similar applications is the leader, the national song in September 2014 on the line, then downloads counter ultra sing. January 2015, June 2015, January 2016, three nodes, and sing national song K downloads were ranked as follows: 50 vs 59, 69 vs 49, 101 vs 32.

by Baidu index, the author queries since January 2013, the people sing, song K, K song, Teana K song cool Baidu index overall trend and moving trend. (due to love to sing, the low order k Master data, is not included with other similar software for Baidu index)

since 2013, whether it is the overall trend or mobile trends, singing performance is relatively stable, but from the second half of 2015, a slight decline in slow, especially in the mobile terminal changes more obvious. This also happens in the sing sing decline period, Baidu data performance is the second tier of the Teana K song counter ultra. At present, mobile Baidu index K songs best national karaoke, in April 2015 is beyond sing and lead so far. What happened during this period,




in order to study the specific time node, we look at the key information of each mobile karaoke software.

sing: business includes singing, app, singing, live room, singing