earlier we mentioned, as a newly created less than a month’s time to determine the local site, can do, is just a beginning, with original content is not enough, visibility is not enough, few users, external links and fewer problems. Each site in order to survive, all need to solve these problems, read a lot of webmaster class articles, SEO coup and the kind of article, basically no harvest.

technology and Internet content to tall on the image, Google, Baidu, WeChat, 360, said the beautiful, the official website of millet strategy took over, you gave me 900 million today, I give you 200 million tomorrow. A large number of small Adsense to read these contents, in addition to envy, the feelings and entertainment news, almost nothing to do with their own.

VC content is less, don’t waste the time, once in the Zhangjiang Shanghai Zhangjiang participated in a venture project, Jinsha River investment expressed a negative for a project to push the gas stamp in Taiwan under ms.. Complaining investors have no eyes. Smart people, new ideas are everywhere, and investors are smarter than you are.

SEO technique is basically speculation, let the webmaster lazy have the order reversed, many webmaster, down-to-earth feel wronged, is not a detour? And the new owners want to through the "shortcut" fast well. A lot of time in the forum, blog things, and his tired effect is basically a murky sky over a dark earth, see. For the webmaster, the most valuable is the time, spend energy and customer communication, do the customer needs content, is fundamental. Every day lying on the computer high SEO, it is already legendary things. Far away, stop.

do regional networks, we mainly follow several attitudes,

does not apply past attitudes and experience to

was in the early years (06 years) to make a website about market research, at that time every day to go to other forum posts, the results brought a lot of customers later this influence, is to feel to do a website, post everywhere. It became clear later that providing services via websites and accepting business through websites were two different things. For example, do market research projects of the company, their business is not the site itself, but in the project, a project Jiwanshijiwanwan. Web site does not need much traffic, you can get a lot of business, and do the chain and advertising is an important thing. If you rely on the content of the site itself to survive, such as advertising, if you rely on hair chain survival, a dead end. Your focus is on the quality of the content, and all the work revolves around the quality of the content.

sharing attitude is very important,

area sites, generally have more than your competitors or area network, do not be afraid of them to find you, and promptly put out your. Competition is unavoidable, and can not be avoided. Can contact, perhaps in addition to competition and cooperation, if you can eat barbecue drunk better. Mutual.