, I am a personal webmaster from Guangdong. I have studied SEO for three months. I failed today. I will say the next case, I hope you can learn from it.

!Two weeks ago

time website revision and optimization to a friend’s website of Zhaoqing information port http://s.zq369.net/, if you have paid attention, a lot of this station optimization! Look at their practice ability! For revision, the first problem we are facing now is how to make search engines like can change program in revision before the program is treated like I was a rookie in this area, so I hope to master in this nonsense, don’t make fun of


I think for a site before the revision of the work is to ensure that their revision before and after the revision of the search engine ranking and the comprehensive situation is the same or better! We all know that the search engine spiders in the revision before the structure of your site has been caught in its database, we revised the site structure. Also must be revised before the maximum structure remains unchanged, so the search engine will not take your stand as a new station to reorder the

!This is

I know, but I’m not in accordance with the case to do! Because different, Zhaoqing information port system before the station rotten death, an average of two days a week for black black, so I had to modify a wide range! Before I stick to my opinion, the website structure must structure and revision. The difference is far more, because this station in Baidu weight is relatively high, almost every day a Baidu! So I modified the system, which included Baidu page without deleting the page information, ensure the constant ID, spent a few late night time before finally doing a good job! The revision of the time Baidu has not updated snapshot, I think this is normal, after second days of the revision of the new version of Baidu update normal for me, very happy, but also increased the number of included the most! That is their SEO optimization, change the keywords from the title change, change, keyword density, page optimization and so on work out, second days, I jubilant in Baidu input: site:www.zq369.net…

paused, and Baidu blocked the homepage! "I sweat…


myself last night reflect on yourself, think the network before the sentence is correct: the best optimization is not optimized, not to optimize now station may site:www.zq369.net may be over 4 thousand, now…

found a solution to the network and asked relevant friends, do related operations, Baidu hopes to later included! Don’t optimization, I think the best place is the content and combination of offline optimization, the most important point is that can really serve to the people, let the local station the real service to the people, now reforming strategy, the main service!, here, and Zhaoqing Information Port owners say, "