Admin5 before a post, very happy to let the editor put home there, there are also more than 20 forum for the people add my QQ, but we ask to ask all those problems, really, really a little tired! Do not want to help people, time is limited!

below this article, is my last night out to their webmaster posts, is not open, but in order to help more people on the public!


we look at this article, you can also control my forum, the following articles are available on all forums, no effect you cut me! All day online forum posts method to do a lot of work behind closed doors, not what, what is not the main system, clear, practical method but, no! Look at me, on the top! Help a person is a person


, this is what I posted before: Forum experts: 22 days of success, will move up 8 times the popularity of Aid=82176


I have been using these methods, you still do not believe it? Such a good post in front of you, do not cherish, unfortunately, unfortunately,


Post Title: about the popularity of the forum, to strengthen the members of the living more degrees ~ this post permanent effective ~


is for all to see, is a play to play the moderator in the forum post, reply to


didn’t pay much attention at first, because with the adjustment of the forum, I think the new ones should be more and more live, but that’s not the way it is,


put your attitude, self idea, can not let everyone go back to Shenzhen forum, there are people who do not love you, through the accumulation of time, the accumulation of a resource, the popularity of the accumulation and flow of these members to accumulate, there will always be a group of the members of the Forum in Shenzhen.

these months of data has been to rise, although the rise is very slow, but did not spend a penny to promote, but fortunately, later will find some more targeted, to play advertising, the effect will be much faster!


then the problem is that almost two months, if the accumulated data, or no more members live, although the URL to traffic is rising every day can live more input, forum degree rise in the speed, the proportion is too outrageous!

by the way, there are 800-900 people visiting the forum every day, and more than 300–400 of the traffic is coming in directly. The problem is in the day 300 back, 3 more members live up if there is a day, a month down is very horrible! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ very hard also very challenging! Live more is not easy, so we are always doing that 3 members every day: "allowance" keep a >