in September 2009 only the nets in question, many people oppose, concern began to enter the e-commerce, over the past 9 months, we continue to explore and find the effective combination of community and the electronic commerce of the road, walked all the way down is not easy, there is also a little bit of harvest, only the nets in the 9 months the development of the electricity supplier, there are a lot of feelings and experiences to share with everyone.

Iraq is in B2C’s background:

only the nets was founded in early 2008, after 1 years of development time, has become the largest cosmetics Chinese community, with nearly 500 thousand female members, only the nets members have high viscosity, love in the community to discuss the use of cosmetics, buy experience sharing behavior, and only the nets have cosmetics library nearly about 200000 comments data. Iraq’s network of teams in the technology and community operations have extensive experience, but for the electricity supplier in the field of experience almost no, how to change from community management to e-commerce business, this is our biggest challenge.

although difficult, this does not hinder our development, after 9 months of stumbling fumbling, gradually on the right track, supply end business and accumulated over the 2 years in the field of cosmetics, many distributors and manufacturers gradually become our close partners. B2C’s business strategy is a continuation of the thinking of our community operations, but also out of a lot of innovative road, in the user’s operation and analysis, we have formed a unique management system.

believes that a lot of friends will be very concerned about how the community and e-commerce combine to produce what effect, our development process and some data can also be simple to share with you:

1. Iraq network because of the existence of the community, the overall conversion rate of its orders reached 2% or so, the Iraqi community network user conversion rate has reached 4%-5%;

2. in 9 months time, the rate of repeat purchase basically reached about 40%;

3. sales may be more attention, we almost without advertising, nor do Taobao, only in the only Iraqi channel platform, after 9 months of development, monthly sales have exceeded 1 million

;We do B2C

4., from Shanghai to Jiaxing, from the 5 person team, after 6 months of development have become the 10 person, 9 months after the development of a team of 20 people, the future needs of more people, we in 9 months, the team on the two small steps.

we do is the business of the new army, almost everything is from zero to do, no one, no experience, no money, we have is the first accurate member only the nets and 500 thousand, is also the only Iraqi team tenacity, we must do business, we must the electricity supplier to do, no matter what difficulties they will encounter.

for 9 months, there are a lot of feelings and experiences to share: