I am a 99 year secondary school graduates, hometown is located north of Fujian in a small city in the first 97 years of college, or too difficult to test, so it wasn’t going to high school, went straight to a small city in our city, the sight of the secondary school, my heart is that cool ah, the school is really small, the school also play basketball together less than 6 people, most people probably have more than 200 people. Where I spent a full two years half time of youth, after graduation has been at the bottom of society work silently, took 100 yuan / month salary, read the site, did the waiter, as a driver, warehouse keeper.


small city contact with fresh things slowly until the end of 2000, my first contact with the Internet, it was struck by its magical function, then get the first QQ, the first time to hear the sound of others chat room, I was excited to shout out. At that time, set a small ambition, want to make a website of yourself, share what you like with others.

cannot be 2002, I was in Shanghai for a family car, a day of relatives and his daughter, got up at 06:00 in the morning to wash the car, clean the car, eating, and he sent his daughter to work at night, 19:00. My father is to find work, then just to get a driver’s license for less than three months, naturally do drive a duck onto a perch is not ideal, and my relatives temper is not good, so every day is the beginning of a day’s work in favour of. I once counted, he has in Shanghai one day general scolds me five times, he does not go on a business trip in Shanghai, generally scolds me three times. Someone will ask him how he scolds you. Ha ha, don’t forget to have a phone call, you can ask about your work one day. In those years, I was scolded a few times to collapse, to family complaints, but the family did not understand, always feel that children can not stand grievances, comfort me. At that time, I stay in the small space of the carriage, and I can’t imagine any ideal in life. The original ambition does not know where to fly.

in April 2003, in order to get out of the sad place, he offered to find a friend who was traveling in Guangzhou and asked him if he wanted someone. He said no. "I said free, too. Just let me out," he agreed. I immediately said hello to my relatives and said that my friend had asked me to do something. He was eager for me to leave, and soon agreed that it was

on April 30, 2003, I packed my things that night and got home on the train in the morning of the second day, and arrived on the morning of May 1st. After less than a day at home, I headed for Guangzhou, 20 hours hard seat, still a little tired. Friends come to pick up the station, the people are still very enthusiastic. When I arrived in Guangzhou, I didn’t pay any money for the first three months. Who asked me to ask for help? I was helping them cook for third months, and the salary was 500. They started to teach me to the tourism industry, because the office has a computer, there is even the Internet, intended to be a website, but gehangrugeshan, really do not know.