recently helped a friend to modify the forum template, by the way around his forum, there is very high! Run time his forum also only less than two months, but did not have what optimization, why can such a high popularity now? Back rate users is quite the high, I finally asked the friend to see inside the mystery of speculation.

I did the forum myself, but in the end it was because I couldn’t keep people and finally closed it. After chatting with the friend, I gradually got to know the reason. Probably there are many webmaster friends is almost in the forum for the first time feel like I should, according to the theme of the forum is to add a lot of relevant professional experience articles, and then began intensive promotion work. Most webmaster do BBS have a big obstacle is manpower shortage, a person can say, in fact, it is difficult to run up a bbs. We do forums, there must be some very capable moderators to help us, moderators can find from members, can also find friends to do, or their own vest to do. But also not all people are suitable for the webmaster, in addition to a certain sense of responsibility and the use of the forum, the relevant professional knowledge, the most important thing is to have a certain operating capacity. Or having the level of a topic that can be made.

then I’ll talk about a big mistake we made. Many webmaster friends are people who want to come to the forum and see a lot of the posts they want to see. Then they like it here. In fact, this is our own ideals, why there are so outdated fire? There is also provided a lot of professional chunks, but allow them to fire up the most important of these is not enough, but there is enough water, gossip. I don’t know if it is a special topic for someone to make a topic, and then change the vest and stick it up. It will attract people’s attention by making controversial topic. But they must have done such a thing. The purpose of these is to tell you: the user does not necessarily want to come to the forum to see your forum experience, the article, if you want to see, Baidu can fully meet his needs. They come in, in addition to some temporary want to see technical paste, more want to communicate with people, if see your BBS reply rate is very low, update is very slow, so they will soon leave. No one likes a dead forum.

here we come to talk about the means by which the hype can improve the popularity! If you are early enough to register the vest, and plate must be set up for the top post moderators, if you do not hand too much trouble can be achieved by top stick machine, but remember not to use too much. Make a controversial topic, or very tempting content, at a short interval to mobilize the members’ desire to speak. But pay attention to the contents must not break the law, otherwise you will not be worth the candle. If it is a picture, you can increase the rate of replies in a visual and visible way. For the post, we must pay attention to the choice of title, as far as possible