this period of time, will gradually to each big and small Webmaster Station writing soft wen.

this is the main reason, a few months ago, I made a study site as the theme of the blog: in order to promote the site, soft with links of your site, visitors can see the content of the article is interested, can open the website links, so that there is a part of traffic to their website. The.

, I sent the soft webmaster network began to have more than 10, and then only left two, one is the king of the station, and one is China webmaster league. The other will be eliminated, mainly the popularity is too bad, an article sent out, all day long, point open article browsing only more than 10 people, and even some people do not visit, so that the effect is too bad. The two station is different, especially the graph king Webmaster Station, you send a small amount of soft, sometimes one day tour can have hundreds of thousands, conversion rate is very high, I did the test, after an article by the audit, a few days with the title of this article to Baidu or Google the search, to find dozens of sites reprint this article, I even have a small text more than 200 reprint. The article is often the text of the link is also transferred to the past, and perhaps many sites have used that called acquisition procedures.

, this effect is good,


I was in the construction of promotional sites have experience, will write down to the king of the station owners, China Adsense League news, perhaps they have a little literary foundation, those sites are adopted. In the past two months, I have nearly 10 articles in these two stations.

graph king Webmaster Station, is to allow you to send links, Chinese webmaster alliance also allows you to send one to two links, but the requirement is that dark link is similar to such a kind of that should be pretty good, I have been happy.

can also be annoying, prior to the station to send out a press, after the link is the editor deleted, also began to think not so often, then made a few paper, the same treatment, finally could not resist, not in the tail to the editor said that this time. No, delete the link, and the superfluous "this paper provided by XXX are sent, I’m relieved once, that the editor was a little spiritual, glad, and offer a" masterpiece ", second days, and delete link, gas! Webmaster webmaster union station and fortunately, I delivered more than 10 articles, almost all not to delete the link, sometimes link out, or hyperlink.

I imagine that in the

editor, perhaps is the one wearing thick glasses, eat not of the ancient Confucianism corrupt, perhaps is a young and ignorant punks…… Otherwise, hand how not serious? Is there wrong sentences and words to modify, delete the link to those special.

webmaster know, master station needs a large number of manuscripts, to enrich the network.