with the Internet campaign vulgarity website announced the Sixth Batch of exposure, the regulation of the Internet vulgar wind intensity of the special action continues to increase, following the Spring Festival closed 55 illegal websites, this special action total shut down illegal websites 1575. How the millions of individual owners who do not illegal, do not resist the vulgar wind and policy conflict? This paper has 800 thousand webmaster user Discuz! Forum program as an example, a brief description of how to use the method of shielding key to avoid his own community forum appear all sorts of vulgar and illegal content.

in the Discuz forum background, the webmaster can set the keyword that needs to be blocked or replaced in the background – Post – word filter. In general, these need to shield and replace keywords, including some political, pornography related illegal national laws and regulations words.



in the Discuz forum! Set the background shielding keyword can only guarantee the proper content of the post is not illegal, owners can set further in the background of the UCenter – filter words inside some shielding keywords, there is no specific examples, to Short Message can protect the user’s security.