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network is not connected to all, but all people are related people, the future will gradually be absorbed and connected by the network. And the connection with a way of increasing the expansion, so the future what website will be worth the investment, to create a new career, it is a type of websites based on SNS website, are representative of relationship type.

With the success of Facebook (

), China’s SNS websites have sprung up and become one of the hottest topics in the Internet over the past two years and one of the highlights of Internet applications. According to statistics, one of the three people working in Silicon Valley uses SNS to expand his social circle. The SNS site has also been sought after by venture capital and has been investing heavily.

in China, SNS is in rapid development stage, with Facebook as the prototype for the imitation of the campus SNS site on (former campus network), Huayi net, 5Q net, more than 100 million net, zhanzuo, net. Indeed, Gexianshentong separatist warlords. In order to compete for college students, resources, the public website is frequently repeated moves, a variety of marketing techniques emerge in an endless stream. The site of the online and offline activities, the author thinks that in addition to the already listed done is also worth mentioning, the other is to be improved,

below is the golden idea I gave them when I was communicating with some SNS practitioners, who made minutes of meetings by their attention workers, then formed 20 creative ideas.

1 forms group culture

can according to the future job direction for professional segmentation, group points. Communicate widely with people of common interests. For example, many people want to go to four or consulting companies in the future, they can communicate with each other and strengthen their stickiness in this way.

2 utility function

looks for graduates who have just graduated from the Career School for two or three years and lectures for the students who have just graduated from school. They have just experienced confusion, and they are people who know how hard it is to find a job and know what skills are most effective for students. By interweaving these two groups of people, we can further enhance the popularity and function of the website.

in this way, college students understand the latest trends and trends in social employment, and know their future direction;

employment also by sharing, to achieve self-worth, this is a win-win situation.

3 has sticky social ties,

as long as my friends often leave some messages, that will appeal to me. Interactions and interweaving between groups reinforce this stickiness. Therefore, the dormitory song competition can be carried out, so that more people will be in the dormitory units for a variety of competitions, forming a number of circle culture.