sees the title. Someone will ask, "who shuts his eyes?". Here, of course, not to say that users really close their eyes to see the site, but that many users actually never seriously look at the prompt text on the site. Even if the site’s purchase process, user terms, and product descriptions are clear, a large number of users will be completely blind.

when I was just doing the website, I always felt very surprised about it. I got used to it, and thought it was almost inevitable.

, for example. An insurance website, in addition to providing relevant information, the most important, of course, is that some people want to contact the webmaster, ask for insurance. But since the station owner is in Beijing, it can not provide insurance services to people in other places. So, on the contact list, write the words "Big Dipper": friends outside Beijing, please don’t fill in the form, because you can’t provide service. As a result of several years, there are more places to fill in the form than in Beijing.

, give me another example. When B2B users upload products, they usually have to fill in the keywords describing the product. No matter how detailed explanation of how to fill the webmaster keywords only the most accurate and effective, but the actual result is that many users in the keywords from the xiehu, digression.

I guess many webmasters have similar feelings. Since many users don’t see the instructions, or for some reason, I just do not follow the instructions, how to do? Cannot hope to change the user, or website optimization function, as far as possible to improve the user experience.

One of the directions that

can consider is that it does not give users the opportunity to make mistakes through program logic. A good example of this is Dell’s Web site. Users can configure their own computers on the Dell network, the required hard disk, memory, CD burner, CPU, etc., all have different configurations for users to choose from. Dell’s entire order system takes into account the combination of scenarios to ensure that the user’s selected components can be saved into a usable computer. As long as you can generate orders on the site, that is, you can produce a computer that can be used.

can imagine, if only a simple list of accessories, allowing users to freely combine, without logical restrictions, many users with the most likely to be a computer can not afford to save.

of course, do not give users the opportunity to make mistakes, and sometimes it is not easy to do, and do too much, just the opposite. For example, when I register some Chinese Web services, I often encounter the option of not having an overseas address. Sometimes it doesn’t hurt, but sometimes it’s a problem. For example, if the site needs to send a mobile phone information confirmation, but do not provide or not allow foreign mobile phone input, it took me a long time, and finally can not complete. If you don’t want to let foreign users use it, you’d better tell us before you sign up, and don’t try to find it in the end.