station found many websites through search engine optimization, but after the site has the flow, why not stay for a long time is not a visitor? Forget your visitors (consumers) needs? If your visitors (consumers) a second are not willing to stay, how can he learn to buy your products and


site learning today tells you something to keep in mind when building a web site to make sure your site is a place that attracts your visitors and spends some time browsing.

SEO and web site owners always pay attention to some of the tips to his website search engines are more likely to be found, they optimize their web page in the search engine results page (SERPs) up to a higher position. This is a very worthwhile thing to do, but the problem is that in this process, a lot of things lost his original meaning, want to know what you really need is to ensure that your visitors (customers) to stay on your site for a long time, do you want them to do things (such as shopping). Your website may be highly rated on the search engine, but what do they want when the visitors (customers) click on that link? Did you ever think about it,


if the visitors (consumers) through a search engine to your site, can not get the information they want, they’ll wonder why your website ranking will be so high, they will only go to click on other websites (especially your competitors), this kind of problem will appear! Do you want to build a traffic website, can, but you should also think that traffic for a period of time. That means you’re not just looking for a search engine, but also building a web site for your visitors. Fortunately, you can do these two things at once. Now, I will tell you something you need to focus on, you can stick to the visitor (customer) important information.

that’s nothing to be surprised at. Some factors are basically consistent with the factors you need to pay attention to when you build a web site that can be searched by a search engine. Now there are a couple of different factors that need to be emphasized. For example, from the point of view of what we are going to discuss now, the key word is not a factor, but content is a very important factor. Your website design is professional does not affect your ranking in the search engines, their spider can find everything but for visitors (consumers), that means stay at your site and buy the products, or click on your competitors website, but between the two are very different!

How does

make a web site useful?

your website works how easy is it? Your visitors (customers) whether need to find the information they want, while thinking about how to use them? Netizens have summed up some standard practice, these practices have been adopted by many websites. In some instances, these standards have been used by some visitors (customers) because they do