to the new year, there are a few days did not write articles, the Chinese New Year! Do not know what to do today, so A5 to write an article, I check my website today suddenly found that flows down a lot, looking for a long time, so I summarize several reasons about the bottom flow during the Spring Festival and the corresponding measures.

1: during the Spring Festival, most of them in the TV watching the Spring Festival Gala and other variety shows, basically not much time on the Internet, one family to get together and share the happiness of a family union. (for this reason basically is no solution, only wait patiently.


2: during this period, most websites are basically not updated, resulting in reduced search engine efficiency. The overall weight of the site to reduce (the solution is to update your site, it is best to update the contents of the home page).

3: no reasonable use of the keyword of the website to obtain the current flow, such as the now hot spring festival, Spring Festival and so on 2010 related keywords, I observed a lot of websites are not fully utilized, users in this period of time is the most basic search about the Spring Festival, the content of search volume like industry related information really small (write more information about the Spring Festival evening, of course, best original, a spring festival theme page is also quite good)

4: search engine on a holiday, I found many search engine crawlers have slowed the collection and update work from 13 onwards, filtering a lot of information, such as information industry, like business network before is updated daily snapshot, recently suddenly snapshot stay in number 13, the visible search engine in this section time will pay more attention to information related to the spring festival. During this period, I’ll do more about the Spring Festival related links. For example, if I write this article today, it’s the theme of the Spring Festival, the search engines will pay great attention to this kind of content.

5: the hacker peak is also active during the Spring Festival, just to give you the whole site, during this period of time will have a great impact on the site (code of your own every day to check to see if there was horse like, pay attention to network security related).

is basically these, the year of the tiger came, wish the owners in the tiger year, big fortune, the tiger year to do tiger station, a word tiger.


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