recently, I received an intern kid from the 90s. In order to test the level, I gave her a big or small task: to organize a group of her friends to peddle for various domestic lifestyle themed forced grid electricity supplier for shopping experience, give me an experience report. I gave her a list of the leaders I and my friends, including the media, have recognized in this period of time.

received her homework that day, I opened the production of strange and beautiful PPT, a page turning, see half, could not breath breath, picked up the phone to a famous venture capitalists gossip: you certainly can not think, do you know how to evaluate a certain brand of 90? Then, is two old guys on the phone after 70 ends of each full of self doubt heave great sighs.

, for example, they experience a Shanghai aesthetics business has always been to force the Glygoyle said, the brand has always been the love of goods into itself a distinctive label, but the evaluation of children: This is selling love, and not love! For another 70 in the eyes of the holy land, their evaluation is: full of old man tight powerlessness! Anyway, I provide the brand on the list, a brutally poison tongue, or is not love, or is not fun, in short, the so-called high force grid is another way of saying: no


, and in addition, they also elect to meet the 90’s experience in the best domestic and foreign electricity supplier brand recommended to me, to tell the truth, as a very concerned about this topic of people, I have not heard of. Open a link, the face of confusion, noisy, confused me. I face their recommendations, but also commented on a few keywords: chaos, can participate in, there are eggs.

finally, when we sit down, when an item to exchange feelings, I was deeply touched and their real confidence, this is a huge difference between the two generations: for the 70 later said, our experience is the first by the aesthetic needs of the driver, while the aesthetic is necessarily need to distance, so after 70, to force Georgia Guazaizuibian, the most beautiful in our mind is often the most unreachable, hanging on the far horizon in those people or things; for 90, the number one driving force to stimulate their desire to consume is "participation", the demand for the brand is fun, can play, don’t tube 37 twenty-one, let me put my head into the arms of playing a say. In short, if you carry it, I don’t feel it.

before that, as a management consultant, I have many times and each company executives together Tucao, although the bring forth the new through the old, but now the waves are too hard to manage, especially after 85 and 90 self-centered, emotional, alienation, materialism and lack of vision, etc.. Until this moment completely hit me: hold on, maybe things are not as simple as we Tucao