in our life, there are always some people, some things are unforgettable, and at the bottom of my life has achieved my dream, I will never forget.

today is the seventy-seventh day we met with light rain. We spent the first Tanabata.


is a typical light rain and I love, because we are all fond of music and soon together. Love in the eyes of ordinary people seems unrealistic, so we have a lot of love during the external resistance, mother knows about us, strongly opposed, harm she told me a lot of love reported. Perhaps it is treason, external resistance is strong, I am together with the rain will more intense, I finally choose to leave home, moved to a single dorm rain.

light has a talent in music, his love in the night against cold wall stroking his guitar, a sad melody full house, I just fell into inextricably bogged down in his sorrow. The rain is genetic brain, I knew it right from the start, my dream is to make rain on the guitar notes from the cheerful, let us use the violent rhythm to fight off the disease, the disease can be better than we imagined to be terrible, let me feel miserable every time at the onset of rain, I choked back tears, for him to sing a lullaby to lessen his pain, and he will endure the pain slowly calm down. Gradually, he had no energy to touch the guitar, and he also lost his enthusiasm for music..

rain all day to indulge in the computer, let him look at those uninterested website, always sigh, that day, rain accident, was very surprised to call me, like a child excitedly told me about the content of the website, the container bottle doctor of music, the same style search for light rain never therefore, the upper staff melodious voice, let people have a desire to create, in those days, the rain by the staff made a lot of music, sound effects by crisp, naturally cheerful melody. I’m glad that a website has realized my dream of almost nothing. In the light rain, I saw the passion and vitality, he likes to listen to water, looking for inspiration, and sometimes good mood, tell me about the interesting things in the forum group. This is the best time we’ve had together.

in the music, the light rain life is fresh,


I also imperceptibly fascinated by the music, music in the night, repeat the rain creation, those melodies with crisp sound, let my blood suddenly smooth, sometimes surprised me, the staff was so amazing, full of fun.

The rain

in this music website in the creation of the mood is much better than before, many in the medical coordination, actually we all know what a good mental state of a patient is quite large, before going to bed every day, I will pray for rain in the forum group, about two in August, rain condition has been significantly improved. The doctor says if >