you have not thought about, in grassroots groups, why many teenagers are likely to be successful, and a lot of highly educated students and even graduate students are difficult, the latter may be considered too much, in fact, web site operators, the most important thing is to keep and execution, many things at the beginning of the site does not need too much consideration.

don’t start stop thinking about making money many predecessors emphasized profitmodel, so many webmaster in site at the beginning of all the money together, of course, must do to make money, or better to write blog. But this is not to say that the beginning of all for the purpose of making money, real money is the first website providing services to users, even the garbage station, users have to get information from, to provide services, have a certain flow and contacts, money will come naturally, if the site has tens of thousands of IP have no income, but the owners still shouting no income, also do not consider the traffic into revenue, the founder of the website business model there is a problem, the same, if the site at the beginning of the establishment of the founder of the mind is always thinking of how to make money, have the same problem. Doing a website is like getting married. When you get married, you have to think about having a baby (the Ding Ke family is not talking about it) and vice versa. Friends at the beginning of the station, do not think about money, we should focus on doing service flow.

don’t think too far though do not blindly stand, but a lot of friends in the account at the beginning of the station is too far, grassroots webmaster never lack of creativity, lack the ideas into reality execution and persistence, so just look for it to roll up sleeves to do, not to worry about the site does not flow, and don’t worry about the website with the flow of space can’t bear the weight of the site traffic real people sit up 100 percent to rely on the network is to build up the family fortunes.

did not do before don’t be afraid to fail in doing before some friends are afraid of failure, failure is what the road is, grassroots predecessors explore and try out, can be said to be a failure in return, do not see some senior expert on the network reported how to in bovine A and bovine C between them. Success, because they are not afraid of failure, dare to try, dare to practice, don’t be afraid of failure and dare to try all day, as long as the down-to-earth to pay, to work hard, always have the harvest, only the brave people will succeed.

don’t be afraid of this formulation of economic crisis has timeliness, the current economic crisis the more noise the more fierce, personally think that has little influence on the grassroots, at best, has an impact on the alliance, but on the whole, what a big influence on the grassroots team not. Grassroots Adsense because small boat good U-turn, in the current plan, but more easily succeed. (text / knife,