said QQ space station is becoming more and more difficult to do, because QQ space station to develop more and more, although the QQ user base is large, but after so many QQ stations equipartition, traffic is very poor. In fact, a good code QQ space station is not difficult, but you did not grasp the good promotion strategy, can not only through the web site is no good or bad, Tongqiao webmaster. QQ me in my space show business (, located in the QQ space third party code quality station on the site after 3 months on the line, traffic reached more than 10 thousand, now some publicity strategies and methods I share, such as you think it useful to learn, if you think not, please do not personal attacks, each road, a different point of view, I don’t need

1, the first is to emphasize, QQ space code of your site user experience (for example: beautiful interface, practical and rich in content, etc.) must be better, no matter what the website, this is the most basic requirements, otherwise, even if you are in the lead users will soon run away, then you can no accumulation of popularity.

2, user base and promotion positioning. This is before each website construction, must consider the primary problem that puts in place.

(1) figure out what your user base is. QQ space station code for all QQ users, but users are QQ users, here, you will say this is not nonsense? I tell you, this is just a good web site the most basic common sense, QQ space station to a single user object than any type of website and the strongest, so the location of QQ space station is the most simple, but it is also the most difficult to do.

(2) make sure where you are going to promote it. Before many of the so-called mainstream methods are successful QQ webmaster to other QQ website promotion, QQ promotion, the article reviews what the forum may promotion and so on, at that time is an effective method for, but now I can only say that these methods have been OUT, think of other large QQ station has been done to a certain extent, his membership already on the site or forum have a certain awareness and a sense of identity, what to rely on some junk AD can put people’s membership to the content and the form you are similar to copy collection station. Then again, even if you are in other people’s Web site AD, and can only live for a few hours, it was deleted, the effect is low.

in my experience, through QQ group, QQ official forums, QQ space, city standings and QQ space friends to promote the effect is the best.

3 mining potential QQ users. User quantity, potential users of QQ users is very large, as above the second point, the other QQ station users are old users, those users of other stations have identity, it is very hard for you to go to the station for the user and other QQ, and there is no need to say. Indeed, now QQ users are eighty and ninety.