according to the American Association of industrial enterprises, before buyers looking for new suppliers of the way through the exhibition, sales calls and printed catalogue, these traditional methods are alternative web search. Purchasing professional search engine has become the first channel for buyers to find new suppliers, followed by the online industry online catalog, the two together accounted for 73% of the procurement channels, printing directory role has been reduced to a minimum.

          but for many small and medium enterprises, although there are many potential customers on the Internet, but companies still have to try to let buyers know enterprise, allow buyers to find their own initiative. At the same time, also let the purchaser confusion, although the Internet gives them find buyers a new way of working, but they are now at work, there are still 68% of the time for information search and acquisition, create value for only 30% of the time. So we can see that although the concept of network marketing has spread to most of the enterprises and the purchaser, and has been widely used in network world in complex, effective transfer supplier information to the purchaser, product demand, has become the enterprise need to solve in the network problems in extension.

          and the reporter learned that this problem has now been a great breakthrough. Due to the complex search information, and the accuracy of the industry website information matching is not enough, and Marco Polo ( is to achieve the accurate matching of suppliers, enterprises and product buyers for the establishment. Marco Polo core services – accurate search online purchasing by accurately matching parameters, so the supplier’s product information, can appear directly in front of this information needs to be buyers, for both sides to establish a bridge through mining. At the same time, through the buyers online stay and suppliers proactive way, effectively ensure the timely access to enterprise information access, greatly improving the transaction probability of both sides.

          in the early stages of the Internet development, because of low cost of advertising and extensive coverage, network marketing has been widely praised and applied by many enterprises. However, with the development of time, the cost of network promotion is increasing year by year. SMEs have chosen to publicize on the network media, the cost pressure is growing, and the effect is not guaranteed. The emergence of Marco Polo accurate procurement search, just to solve the small and medium-sized enterprises in the promotion of the network of powerlessness.

          the reason is Marco Polo accurate procurement search is paid by the effect, that is to say it’s true for enterprises interested in products after browsing, enterprises only need to pay, no effect of vendor business advertising will be free.