Hello, everybody. I’m an old friend of yours. Today, and we talk about the good or bad IDC, can buy a satisfactory host space, it is really a great happiness to do the webmaster. As a writer in the Internet for several years, I also summed up a number of conclusions: the virtual host can not meet the needs of the site, and the choice of site server, even if VPS is OK, there are too many restrictions on the virtual host. Of course, today I do not want to give which host business to write soft wen. I would like to focus on the service attitude of the host service provider.

we casually in the net search, you can search to the spatial information of tens of thousands of. Who, who is the liar, space business, XXX company is a liar, and so on. I do not IDC, just an ordinary webmaster, I am not who who. In fact, there is a lot of false information about these cheaters, and I remember I wrote a lot of such fictitious information myself.

machines are always machines, and there is always trouble. Can not guarantee that any machine does not have a problem, just like everybody’s computer, also can occasionally make a small problem. So, IDC businesses are fighting services, large IDC company, their staffing is abundant, the company’s computer neatly lined up, there is no lack of beauty, customer service miss. However, the small and medium-sized IDC service company personnel on the configuration is obviously insufficient, and some technicians also serve as customer service, but also to act as network promotion and information publishing staff, such companies are difficult to do everything. There’s no guarantee of 72 hours online. If a machine is out of order, or if a customer has a small space, then the customer will call first and ask how it happened. At this time, customer service attitude is better, it is best to stand in the customer’s point of view, to experience customer anxiety. Only in this way can we think for customers everywhere and the service will be improved. Do not pay attention to yourself into a liar space providers, some customers are not satisfied, accidentally go to the forum to send a negative message, it will affect the company’s sense of public relations crisis.

our regular webmaster would like to have a stable host space or server. The host space is cheaper, and can also be used to change other home, if the server is not satisfied with the purchase, coupled with the IDC service provider’s attitude is not good, so that IDC service providers or fatal blow. Of course, we should also pay attention to the purchase of IDC service providers brand and visibility. Can not casually go to Taobao to buy, Taobao guarantee time is only one month. Many so-called space providers are renting a VPS in Hongkong, which contains a virtual host management system, they call themselves a space provider. Not only for the record, but also convenient, selling is also very fire. For our webmaster, as consumers should pay attention to, we must carefully identify the IDC service providers qualifications.


buys a host or server is the same. The most important thing is the comparison of price and service attitude. Adsense in order to find both cheap service and good host business, all day in Baidu search search. And those hosts >