After the last

movie website crackdown, I diverted to web site, after a female star pictures website, at the beginning of the site originally wanted to do a information network, but after the sensory information is too large, we should always pay attention to the dynamic star day, celebrity gossip, personal feeling a little to do do the website pictures. Although not all of the pictures, but the key to build or to focus on pictures, summed up a few experiences:

The analysis of the star website how to classify

before 1, according to the website, or the year or more, industry classification, the person I thought for a long time, because I want to star, star, star, star in Japan and so on, we all want to analysis, type classification for user search habits, such as some habits according to year, see years debut, or what is the industry, film industry, or a singer industry? This is the first to think clearly, because the main points clear after the station didn’t know how to do the typesetting, how do choose keywords according to the column, how to meet the user search topics, etc..

2, after site keyword selection, pictures website keyword selection, this is important, because many customers really like, image search, Baidu itself has a picture of a word, we should not choose too hot, but not too die door, we can in the Baidu for example you want to add what you you can enter the word, such as movie stars, you can see what the search word is more famous, but the site is much less, so you can choose some words and pictures, a word widely used properly can choose picture word to do. And so on and so on, pay more attention to

3, one of the most important, when you add pictures must add picture captions, you upload pictures, if the lack of text, so the effect is certainly a great discount, this not much said, believe that we all know.

4, and find some pictures, web sites, do some links, everyone is peer. Oh I do when the server before the movie website may not be welcomed by Baidu, so I did the station included update is not very good, is to change the server, all of this is the most critical, look at the station before your server is clean is very important.

well, first of all, this is a little experience of their own, but there are suggestions to add, I hope you will exchange more, because I want to learn more, I am also groping stage. Welcome to find me to do links oh.