do anything before basically have a relatively simple plan, as the webmaster of us, the site wants to profit, the prophase planning is very important. Some webmasters have done for a long time, the site has not been profitable, it has complained that the industry can not want to profit, too difficult, and then gave up directly, fought in other industries. In fact, live so far as to think, often may be in the webmaster for the planning aspects of the site, because only with a passion, in accordance with the idea of the moment on the site, so no certain planning, not to mention profitable, when you have a moment of passion, estimate the website also was ruined.

to site into the right track, site planning must be detailed, not to write a detailed plan, but not only to spend time in the station, but also in the site before, we identify the target user’s website. This blog will begin with a few details about the target community.

the first step: the search for target groups

, no matter what type of website, blog or forum, enterprise station, industry station, god horse is floating clouds. What kind of website must have a theme, the construction of related content around this topic is a long way to go. For the future of the website, before the website is built, need to be fixed for the website, identify the target group that prospective profit depends on. In this regard, the webmaster can combine their own actual, comprehensive consideration, not because the head, regardless of whether they have the resources to hastily start website construction plans, not to waste your energy not to say, more waste their money.

how to find the site of the target group? This can consider this, if you have the computer technology relatively good, then you should do, is to choose with computer related websites, forums, blog. Can combine their own interests and expertise, but also to play their own accumulation of resources, so that can be said to be in one fell swoop. As for the goal of the website group where you come from, this can be divided into 2 main groups: 1) technology rookie, mainly to learn technology, more straightforward to say is wrong with the computer, the Internet to help; 2) technical elite, communication is the main technology of the problem. Computer technology users generally prefer to bubble forums, so our user groups can be excavated from the forum.

second step: combining target groups to carry out website construction,

after the preliminary to determine the site of the target group, we should focus on the construction site to carry out the target group, from the content to the promotion, and profit, are needed to fully consider the characteristics of the number of users, the site in line with their "appetite", so, to attract and retain user groups is relatively simple; promotion: we will as a member of our target group, the user would like to think, and to find out the target group love aggregation platform, to get promotion.