today in QQ group, friends in a heated discussion with some celebrity event promotion in plastic hospital network marketing, such as the hospital to find XX Reds do activities, in fact, a cosmetic industry celebrity event marketing, Beijing and even the whole country, may walk in front of the hospital is so few, when I entered the plastic the beauty industry for 2 years, focus on the business news more, but also has a habit of love, to find the root cause behind the incident.

"artificial beauty" — speculation needs first, do not try.

is the earliest and most successful celebrity event marketing, is a "China first man-made beauty — Hao Lulu" incident, the Iraqi XX plastic surgery hospital by virtue of this event, a successful host, chain, to the road of enterprise group. It can be said that this incident is the biggest opportunity for the success of the XX plastics organization.

, and the subsequent speculation of this event, is worth pondering and aftertaste.

Hao Lulu planning team in the event of irreconcilable conflict with the Iraqi XX, disagreement, and a planned "South Hao Lulu received two plastic" activities, to a Guangdong plastic surgery hospital, but the planning activities intended to be completely distorted, a hospital in Guangdong did not fire up, but Iraq XX one in the majority of the audience’s eyes. The Hao Lulu planning team started the national tour, Beijing, Xi’an, Ji’nan, Wuxi…… It is understood that these activities did not bring much benefit to their hospital, while Iraq XX has again and again into the eyes of the audience.

similar events in the history of XX such as speculation, speculation "artificial beauty — Yang Yuan", and Southern Plastic (I unified south of Shanghai to China and the United States and other plastic surgery hospital as the representative of the call) to do a variety of "artificial beauty" event, but now users have the basic of this event, has been "immune" unable to attract the eye, fry these things, you may as well go home

scrambled eggs fried rice!

"Fan Bingbing shaping" – the planning of speculation is important, do not touch the fundamental interests of celebrities.

another successful celebrity event marketing, from pre planning to the medium-term implementation, and then to the later fuel, can be said to be the best operation, that is, "Fan Bingbing" plastic surgery. One day, someone broke the news at the end of the world forum in Beijing: Fan Bingbing is named XX plastic surgery hospital of surgery, and which items are rising, post this vest and onlookers know the truth in the various forums in various "around the audience" strong speculation, it intensified. When reached the peak and hot stage, Tian XX "brave" stand out! In the network media (Sina, Sohu and other major portals and the popular forums) claimed that Fan Bingbing was not me to surgery, although (note that turning) I give many stars had surgery, but Fan Bingbing is definitely not me to do it! Not only did not stop, but to push the wave to help.