the Internet is a double-edged sword, brings to the enterprise business opportunities at the same time, also because of enterprise a negative news night returned to liberation, when careful layout of enterprises on the Internet word of mouth, or a malicious opponent of the enterprise product defects, will soon have a "Domino" effect, such as negative the recent news of Volkswagen, has let the public opinion into the mud. In the social network era, the enterprise maintenance cost much more than good word-of-mouth marketing costs, and "crisis public relations" need to be cautious, a little accident,

will be wasted!



traditional Internet how to do word of mouth maintenance


has not formed an absolute advantage in the mobile Internet, many enterprises began to enter the brand on the PC side, in the pharmaceutical industry to do more prominent, more hot industry, then, more problems, some corresponding professional for enterprises to eliminate the negative news network appeared.



traditional word-of-mouth maintenance is done like this. When there is one or several enterprises to delete negative news, strategy, in the news source, delete on the site, in the blog, delete on the blog, appeared on the quiz, forum, library, like a fly like a


, the implementation of the opponent plan, at the same time, the negative news in the news quiz, forum, blog, and formed a spontaneous broadcast do? Some Internet companies to adopt the "cover" method, because the network news is updated according to the time and the website weight show so in front of the user, the positive news publishing enterprise the weight of the high site, in a period of time, a lot of questions and answers, the blog forum within the original articles, as long as the negative news "down to" search engine page 5, basically even negative news with "money" with


in fact, above the network public relations really can effectively maintain the reputation of enterprises, analyze the reasons, one is because the search engine users accounted for more than 90% of the traffic, as long as the channel of "beautifying", can effectively maintain reputation of enterprises, two enterprises encounter "negative news". As long as the government does not come from the media, most of the competitors slander, confined to the competition in the industry, because of the "weak" word of mouth, so the limited general radiation intensity, as long as the enterprise find timely remedial measures in place, basically can be done on the network "reputation maintenance", and to the mobile the Internet social networking era, this method has some problems


social networking reputation is "strong relationship" word of mouth

, an article from the economist, says, "from micro-blog to WeChat"