a few elements of a site that will run successfully (from the point of view of a client accessing a web site). We can simulate the process of customers visiting a website, a customer on the Internet, and occasionally by search engine or online advertising, or other ways to find your website

1, know:

to let customers find you know you, it will be through the network advertising and other forms of advertising to promote, but the publicity is an expensive thing, if not to spend too much money, but also want to have a good effect, that is, seo. So SEO is the front desk technology, is a kind of how to let customers quickly find you a kind of technology. SEO is not cheating, SEO is the basic work of website operation.

2, accept:

to let customers accept you, a website to let customers accept, one is from the vision (visual information is divided into color, shape, size, orientation and other factors), the other one is from hearing (website is best not to add background music), and from the information content, that is information architecture, customers can easily find the information they want. The last is to allow customers to accept from the operation, it is not very difficult to use the customer, not lost, not at a loss will not wait for a long time, do not open your web page, this is the so-called user experience design.

3, appreciation:


client has found your website and paused for a while on your website and found some exactly the information he wanted, but he was surprised to find more information he wanted. He was pleasantly surprised and very satisfied with the fact that your website did provide him with valuable information, and there were many other information he wanted. So he added your web site to your favorites. And recommended your site to his friends. To do this, you must be content with your website that is very rich, very valuable, very unique. If you have something on your website, something that customers have seen. Then the client won’t appreciate your website very much, he can feel your website is very common.

solves the problem for the visitor, is makes the website the highest boundary!


4, sentimentally attached:

customers have visited your website, the visit so he is very satisfied, but also very memorable, so he needs the same type of information, and then he thought of your website (again visit your site, let the customer can easily be the domain name of the website must be simple easy to remember) again, and visit your site, he found that the access speed is so fast (the website must ensure access speed), there are a lot of information (update website information update is the biggest drawbacks), he felt surprise again, he found a lot of the last time he didn’t see the information, this information is very the value for him. And this information made him make a lot of money. His friends and relatives knew about it, so his friend