1, content is king

if a man can’t write well, he can’t think well, and if he can’t think well, others will think for him. -Georage Orwell

is like telling stories and lectures. You need to guide your readers and guide them into a situation – a situation you construct and conform to your expectations. What you need to do is get readers to get knowledge from you, not to give you knowledge. In the 35 leading blog deserted reason, also emphasized the content is king this point.

2, good reading,

if you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time or stuff to write. -Stephen King the more you read, the more knowledge you will acquire, and the more inspiration you will have in writing. Where did the inspiration come from? This article has a more detailed expansion of the sources of inspiration.


in reading other people’s articles, especially some of the more famous blog article, you need to observe his writing style and the way, why does he want to write this? Why is he doing this typography? Why would he write the contents of the


here has to say, most of the time not writing blog, but reading, a lot of blogger to spend too much time on the RSS reader, the information overload and information force for blogger is sweet is bitter.

3, cut the crap,

most bloggers read RSS readers, while most RSS readers want to improve their reading efficiency. In this case, if the article is full of nonsense and filled for filling, is it worth the article? Yes, but only in a few key words.

tries to think of himself as a blogger, wondering what the reader really needs and omitting what he does not need. Probably not. Is there much nonsense? Yes, it is. So in the future I’ll try to cut out needless nonsense.

4, continuing writing,

"Quantity produces quality"

the more you write, the more you will improve your thinking and writing skills.

5, illustration

basically, maybe every article has illustrations. About half a year ago, I read an article about blog writing. The article says that you must add an illustration to each article. I believe it. Until now, I still add at least one pair of illustrations for each article, article will add illustrations.

"in the analysis of the reading trends and illustrations also mentioned this point method" to improve the readability of text, imagine in the face of a full text of the article, if there is no illustrations, even if there is ample time, readers might not too want to see, because in the face of a lot.