we all know, the WeChat on a red circle of friends, we are talking about the operation strategy, the company said the competition about how Alipay trembled, these have been finished talking. Today, I decided to be a little more rational and talk about the product design in this event from the unique perspective of the product dog.

this WeChat has two big functional points, 1 are two circles of friends red envelopes photos, 2 is shake New Year’s red envelopes, tentatively think WeChat is in the test.

shake new year envelopes, highlights are not particularly large, or the previous model, just to see the test ads, automatic red bag, wallet to the business model. In fact, similar to a domestic famous marketing organization "Bao net money" mode, a user can brush advertising, then this penny, put in the website mode feeling is MLM, but put on WeChat, how is it worth thinking, logical.

the key discussion is detonated red circle of friends photos, then this "trick" exactly what test function


1, round 1: from 5 p.m. to around 6. (what time did the plan end at 8?)? What are the features of this round?

circle of friends icon gold, red envelopes released photos, nickname becomes golden

red envelopes, photo releases, picture masks,

photo details page

photo details page added ad

photos in red did not pay without allowing point praise and comments

stochastic pricing

red envelopes pay

automatically deletes all the red packets of photos in a friend’s circle automatically.

automatically delete photos at regular intervals

this round of testing what? 5-8 points, this time is the eve of the eve of the Spring Festival before the beginning of the main test, the core business logic is smooth. The first round of the logic is this,


(approximate sketch, ignore aesthetics)

two and second rounds: from 10 in the evening to 11:30 at the end of the day. Different people have different times, and the new functions are:

gray strategy, and gradually push forward, some users have permissions, some users do not have permission,

can only send one, send second will prompt

winning strategy, part of the user winning, then free to see

from password free payment to password payment



(pictures from three classmates, Liu Xinqi)

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