promotion staff in the end should be how to assess? I think if you are not grassroots webmaster, usually recruit a team to do the site, the team will certainly be equipped with natural extension staff. My first thought is that is a natural generalization of personnel, the main work is as much as possible at other sites outside the chain, can be regarded as other sites of supernumerary editing, the only difference is that the editor is the purpose of writing to your website.

starting from the above idea, I was doing the operation of the shareholders school, I feel that since it is an editor, how many articles published, is definitely one of the basic requirements of the editor. Thus, the assessment of these chains, the first requirement is to promote the amount of post staff.

but later found that the quantity of post can often exceed the standard, but in front of the back of the cut, or Baidu are not included, released to the corresponding website no one see, soon sank to the post do not know what place, how much of this assessment is significance for an increase of two. Requirements: the survival rate and the rate of Baidu included.

did so for a while, and the three demands of the promoter were more or less barely finished. The only difficult to accomplish is Baidu included rate, I started to set the standard of 80%, and later found the basic can be completed, and then dropped to 70%, but only 60% can do, which makes me very confused, in the end the post and the search engine included what is the ratio of the value of staff which is? The first question.

the next period of time, I found that even the first three requirements are completed, the weight of the website is not up, that is to say the promotion personnel do you want to do, but not do what we should do. If it extends, I’ll pull it away. I’ll think twice about it. I’ll go back and check the main words of the website. This leads to the fourth assessment, keywords ranking.

when doing keyword ranking assessment, the assessment ranking exactly one month average ranking or assessment at the end of the rankings? Common sense that the initial website, keywords ranking will fluctuate, the ranking is not fixed. Keywords and bring value, generally speaking, the value of the best home page ranking, two page three page, to fourth pages, is to see the fun.

but now do keywords ranking, in front of a few years is not the same, a few years ago casually do, may be lined up to the home page, and now may be longer, more energy spent. It’s stuck again. But Rome is not built in a day, so, keyword ranking assessment begins by node to go, one began to require less than one hundred, to achieve this goal, requiring less than 50, and is 30 or less, and is less than 15, the last page is visible.

after such operation for a period of time, found that the actual situation and the site’s target flush. Without considering the premise of payment promotion, the investor school website needs the flow and the number of users every day. To wait until the keyword ranking can come up, probably this site has to close. Then, fifth times again