for a newly started with the development of industry website, membership, especially high quality membership is essential, so how to develop the quality of membership? My own development Chinese construction machinery member of a years of experience in a method, may seem simple, it is important to every little bit to do.

1. first identify the relevant industry members are concentrated in places such as I do the construction machinery industry, often concerned about is nothing more than the QQ group (known), the Alibaba, global resources comprehensive website, as well as related industries such as excavator BBS forum. These together to establish a table to record every day, know what add QQ group, which links to the forum members, which was posted on their own, so every day to do everything in good order and well arranged, the things clear, greatly improve the efficiency, otherwise, are busy every day to find what members contacted, which members didn’t call the.

2. send information to members, here pay attention to a few points, one is QQ group, these should adhere to every day, once finished, will eliminate some members of the quality is not high group, second days plus some, guarantee fresh blood. Two is how to send information, send what content of information, this is directly related to the number of members to register. All know that in the group, advertising will be kicked. Here it is recommended in the group do not send too much, with QQ mail mass, there may be some group shielding, see you add the number of groups, and only add more, the opportunity will be more. What kind of service content mostly introduce the site for registered members? Of course there can be some preferential policies, such as free home advertising such as free, it is best to have a time limit, not to have been free, free things not everyone love to write, as of the date of. This has a sense of urgency for members who want to register. Like Alibaba members, I am a one, with Wangwang information contact, and to insist on every day to do it patiently, to have effect.

3. service every member of your membership, just a simple development is not the main purpose, to let him become a member of the quality must let him alive, how active? As long as it is registered with the effect he would often visit, this requires you to put your nets on the service station have to do, for example, often some of the members publish product information and price information editing out on a web site for more customers to see, you can not only increase the site of the original, but also brought benefits to members, never reluctant to give to you, give the members more benefits. After all, they are the cornerstone of your website. A customer advisory price will promptly notify the member, let him feel that this site is alive, is useful for everyone to see, stationmaster net Daily editorial more diligent, not a good title to help modify, actually do not only make everyone feel warm, but also to make a website more active, more quality.

in the end, there’s no good way to do it