now recall the day of graduation, although bitter, but still feel very interesting. Because at that time, no matter what we do, we are full of hope. We always feel that the future will be better and better. In fact, things will continue to develop in accordance with the imagination. Everything went smoothly although sometimes superior to gas, but because the job is too tired and complain, that sometimes conflicts with colleagues. But in any case, the work is still constantly in the development. Technology is constantly improving and wages are increasing.

              but such a long time, I feel as if to change, and this feeling with their qualifications also grew day by day. Temper seems to be growing day by day, and finally one day with the boss relationship deadlocked himself, I think this temple seems to be no longer suitable for their own stay, although this temple is actually very large.

            the next day will be busy but fast learning process, but also because the character that are overly anxious about what always want to crash, plus a little self expansion and finally decided to do something to my self. But things are not so easy as they imagined. Things that they used to excel in suddenly become unimportant.

      these things in the past eight years, now thirty years of age there are a lot of things is not clear. In the rest of thinking decided to do a party of their own station, one is I was a restless person, another is to do one thing one can do. Although also want to make it, but the more you learn about webmaster knowledge, this is also not a flat me. But I hope I can go slowly, no return, just psychological comfort.

          attached personal station (Oriental party network address, hoping to get some advice, because I know there are too many masters here.