webmaster have different views on the construction of the chain site, can be said that the 100 owners can come up with 100 kinds of methods to do the chain, but we can also found that most of the construction of the chain method are some general ideas, no new ideas, and the site chain construction and walk or sale the link of the old, can be said that the construction of the chain behavior is wrong.

with the algorithm of Baidu search engine is constantly changing, the construction of the chain now has a new idea of the construction of the chain has break the normal procedure of website development is imminent thing, so as a webmaster how to help the construction of the chain will break the normal procedure website development


chain construction can not ignore the construction site users

most of the time we in the construction of the chain of the site are only one-sided view of their own station building up in, which led to the construction of the chain site is part of the website ignores the interests of users, such as your site is a steel construction of the website, and you in order to increase the chain website, will URL to high weight website to buy and sell food, this behavior is detrimental to the user experience of the website construction. From the short-term behavior may impact on the site is not great, but if you continue to do this, I think the chain construction site you not only will not achieve the desired results, the opposite may also hinder the progress of the website. In the construction of the chain is not necessarily related, but at least to have some relevance, but not the right and wrong random construction.

BBS, the chain has become tasteless, select the new chain, the way is imminent,


with the chain of public information, A5 forum to cancel the signature of the chain, we can see that now the BBS chain has become chicken ribs, the weight of the chain in the face of the mainstream of the BBS chain is reduced, as a webmaster we will not be able to ignore the development of the new construction site outside the chain, such as the webmaster ignored directory outside the chain, and the chain of Baidu products, in today’s industry contribute the chain for the website ranking is also very helpful, so webmaster friends in the BBS chain has become the best choice of chicken ribs under the premise of the chain website diverse power rankings, do not hang in a tree.

anti competitors, and do the real reverse thinking

The construction of the chain dynamic

really is to break the normal procedure to observe the webmaster friends in the same industry website, if the chain of your competitors do blog outside the chain, then the chain we can all do station outside the chain, if your competitors outside the chain is not a chain of Baidu the product, then we can try to do some Baidu products outside the chain, so in our website is definitely inferior by comparison under the opponent’s website ranking must be high, because our station maintain vigor and vitality, and a website does not understand the reference and the opposite is always a failure web site.

site outside the chain building >