recently for free, my friends have been asking about the website production, operation and promotion issues, basically everyone has a very excited expression, what they want to do about the content of the website, the vast majority of people are watching others doing a similar website, then they want to do.

for such a friend, I will first ask three questions: 1., what is your purpose of doing the site? What is the business model of the 2. website? Where are the users of the 3. website?

these three questions must be thought of before you do them. The reasons for doing the most common are two cases: 1., they have a product, and 2. have a hobby.

although the Internet is an open and special environment, it is not a place that is known as a place where you hang up a sign. For example, one of my friend PS forum, although many PS people search every day, but the competition is too fierce, not imagined so much traffic, although in the first page of Baidu PS, but every day is four thousand or five thousand IP from Baidu.

first, most people might think that if I had a space on the Internet, everyone would know, and I would have clicked. When the first appeared on the Internet may be, because at that time the Internet world is a blank, if only a few ground in this space can be provided to the user, when demand exceeds supply, only the space can turn left turn right turn, of course, I sat in my own space where, as long as they do not lock the door, do not worry nobody door to walk.

But now that

is not the same, this era is an era of information explosion, it can be said that the Internet era of information explosion, even the first grade primary school kids would say "why GOOGLE also dictionary", in a concrete lined society, who is not the world will know that there is such a space you will come into your room, someone accidentally came in May, but ninety-nine percent are not your guest, in the flow of people less, and ninety-nine percent is not a guest, that basically efficiency is zero. Unless you practice is a landmark building, such as China World Trade Center, but now the landmark building more and more, we have to build tall buildings, do not know which building is you, that is unless you repair the floor like building China station oblique, or nest like, but it is definitely not ordinary people can afford to pay cost.

so when you want to do a website, you have to think about the three point I mentioned at the very beginning. What’s the purpose of your website? What is your business model and where do your guests come from?

what’s your purpose,


there must be a purpose in doing something, for whatever purpose, perhaps to make money, perhaps for one’s own interests, perhaps

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